Nickie Stone: SEA ISLANDS -January 2018-

Nickie Stone | Sea Islands

On Display: January 12 – February 3, 2018
Available Works



Using a 160-year-old photographic technique known as the collodion wet plate, or “ambrotype” process, Charleston-based photographer Nickie Stone captures one-of-a-kind images of the low-country landscape onto glass panels.

In her debut solo exhibition, Sea Islands, Nickie Stone presents a new body of photographic works created from deep within the marshes and waterways of the coastal islands of South Carolina. The scenes of Stone’s wet-plate photographs enact senses of immersive serenity and solitude, transferring the fast-paced modern-day viewer into a world where time seemingly stands still.

Sea Islands will feature a variety of singular 8″ x 10″ wet plate photographs, as well as works with multiple plates, mounted together to form panoramic and large-scale scenes.


Please enjoy this video of Nickie and her process:
created by the talented Andrew Walker of the Charleston Arts Festival!


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